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The Abercrombie shit show


Pictured above is Abercrombie’s CEO Mike Jeffries along with a quote he said some number of years back.

Because of this resurfaced quote, Jeffries along with the entire Abercrombie brand is under fire from a gigantic PR blitz. Apparently, people are now just realizing that Abercrombie doesn’t really care to include plus-sized (or other non-“cool”) individuals in their target demographic.

Which is fine.

Maybe my nonchalant, slightly annoyed perception of the issue stems from my entrepreneurial mentality, but I really do believe it’s OK if everybody is not in your target market.

While I won’t defend Jeffries’s tasteless choice of words (full Salon interview here), at least from a business perspective I can understand catering to a specific vertical of consumers.

While this story has blown completely out of proportion, I think it serves as a decent reminder to make sure you keep your target customer in mind while making sure you don’t say stupid shit that brings unwanted attention to an otherwise sound business.

[Founder Tip] Get founder group


Last Monday was the final day of the NewME program for us. What an incredible journey that was, but not because we were given access to top-tier mentors, or because we got to pitch in front of investors and angels during Demo Day.

But because we kicked each other’s asses for three months.

During the entire program all of the founders lived, breathed, and (in some cases) worked on each other’s startups. We constantly challenged one another’s ideas, assumptions, methods, and solutions, which in turn helped everybody individually move quicker and iterate smarter.

If you’re working on a startup in a silo, with no outside outlet or feedback loop, you will probably fail. You will also fail slowly, which happens to be the worst way to fail.

Get out of the house and find other startups to work with. This shit is hard, so don’t do it alone.

I fucked up

Startup work is all-encompassing. It consumes you, taking over your existence, until you lose sight of the most important things in life.

I just lost an amazing, beautiful girl because of my inability to separate my frustrations at work from my personal life.

I fucked up.

First post

My first blog post in a while. I wasn’t feeling Wordpress anymore, so I figured I’d tumble away (as if joining a new blogging platform magically makes me a more consistent writer).